Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer so far:)

I know I've mentioned before how busy this summer has been but it has all been so fun I don't think I would trade any of it! We've finished softball and swimming lessons, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed. We've spent some time in AF and Provo canyon with the girls and of course enjoyed every minute of the 4th of July! Jason and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on the 18th of July by spending some time at Capitol Reef, the Boulder Mnts, and Bryce Canyon. We had so much fun it's crazy! We did a lot of hiking, swimming and fishing. All and all this summer so far has been a HUGE success. We have a few more things to look forward to for the rest of this summer! Can't wait:)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am starting to think that paybacks truly are a b*!#$!!! I know that both Jason and I were pretty familiar with the ER when we were little and it would seem that maybe we shouldn't have procreated. I'm sure I have mentioned before that Brooklyn has managed to break her arm 3 times, Shelby has broken her arm once, Halle had an extremely strange bug bite, Cassidy has had stitches once already. So you would think I wouldn't be that surprised when twice in one week we made the trip to the hospital for stitches. Brooklyn first on Tuesday when she bit through her lip at swimming lessons, and Cassidy today when Halle dumped her off her shoulders and she smacked her head on the corner of the window sill. SERIOUSLY!! You know the old saying "I had to laugh or I would cry", totally how I feel. Bring on this weekend!!! Jason and I are going to southern Utah for our anniversary thank goodness some time away, I'm just prayin they survive the weekend without any major problems. Good luck mom, and aunt Mandy:)