Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ok,ok, i know I am a super blog slacker! I don't really have a good reason either, I just don't:) So what to write? Well school is going very well for the girls, they are all doing so good, and they have amazing teachers which I am so grateful for! We got season tickets this year to BYU football and the kids have absolutely loved going to the games and we have actually enjoyed taking them:) We had an amazing opportunity to spend some time with some great friends in Idaho and a family from Wales that Jason taught on his mission. We went with them to Yellowstone and aside from the cold weather we had so much fun! Halloween was a total success as well Brooklyn was a football player, Halle was a cheerleader, Shelby and Cassidy were witches. We went to the party at the church and the trunk or treat which the kids thoroughly enjoyed! We are excited for the holidays to get into full swing, normally I don't look forward to Christmas but mom and dad have been gone for a while and I'm anxious to have them home for Christmas:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wow what a summer! After swimming lessons we headed up to Fairview Canyon for Smart family camp. The kids always have soooo much fun riding 4-wheelers and horses, fishing, and hangin out by the fire at night. Jason's grandpa passed away this year and it seemed a little different without him and grandma this year, but we had a great camp ground and still had a lot of fun.
School has been a complete success this year so far. The twins are in the same class this year and they all have really great teachers which is always a huge relief for me. Cass has been doing this little neighborhood pre-school thing and even though I thought I would die the first day she was gone, she had so much fun and loves to feel a little bit like a big girl.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer so far:)

I know I've mentioned before how busy this summer has been but it has all been so fun I don't think I would trade any of it! We've finished softball and swimming lessons, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed. We've spent some time in AF and Provo canyon with the girls and of course enjoyed every minute of the 4th of July! Jason and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on the 18th of July by spending some time at Capitol Reef, the Boulder Mnts, and Bryce Canyon. We had so much fun it's crazy! We did a lot of hiking, swimming and fishing. All and all this summer so far has been a HUGE success. We have a few more things to look forward to for the rest of this summer! Can't wait:)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am starting to think that paybacks truly are a b*!#$!!! I know that both Jason and I were pretty familiar with the ER when we were little and it would seem that maybe we shouldn't have procreated. I'm sure I have mentioned before that Brooklyn has managed to break her arm 3 times, Shelby has broken her arm once, Halle had an extremely strange bug bite, Cassidy has had stitches once already. So you would think I wouldn't be that surprised when twice in one week we made the trip to the hospital for stitches. Brooklyn first on Tuesday when she bit through her lip at swimming lessons, and Cassidy today when Halle dumped her off her shoulders and she smacked her head on the corner of the window sill. SERIOUSLY!! You know the old saying "I had to laugh or I would cry", totally how I feel. Bring on this weekend!!! Jason and I are going to southern Utah for our anniversary thank goodness some time away, I'm just prayin they survive the weekend without any major problems. Good luck mom, and aunt Mandy:)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

This IS the place!

Am I the only one who didn't know that the "This is the Place" park had much much more to offer that just the huge monument you can see from the zoo? For our field trip this last week we took the kids to the park, and I was completely blown away. They have an entire little village set up with mostly all original old SLC buildings. It was so much fun! They have tonz of stuff for the kids to do and the train that takes you from place to place was a bonus. The day couldn't have been more perfect the weather was warm but not hot. The kids made bracelets, necklaces, rode pony's, stamped leather, and of course we had to get some old fashioned ice cream. All in all it was a total hit. If anyone hasn't had the chance to go it was absolutely worth it. The cost is $8 for adults and $6 for the kids, we spent all day there and I felt like we got our moneys worth.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day, Birthdays, Taylor Swift, School stuff, and my kids are still bored?

We spent some time out to the cabin over the Memorial Day weekend. My bro and his family were out there with their girls and my kids were so excited to spend some time with their cousins. It rained a bit so we spent some time hangin out in the cabin and the rest of the time riding the 4-wheelers and bikes and playing in the water. Cassidys birthday was on Saturday so we had some brownies and ice cream out there with my fam. Then Monday night we came back home and had a party here for Brooklyn and Cassidy with dads family. Brooklyns birthday was yesterday so we went to the movies and saw "Up" (really cute!). I think they were all pretty happy although we were in some serious need of some sleep by Monday night:)

For their birthdays this year Halle, Shelby and Brooklyn got Taylor Swift concert tickets. So last Tuesday we loaded up and headed into the big city for the event of the year. Two of my friends and their girls went with us and we had so much fun. We decided to go to Cafe Rio for dinner and then headed down to the ESA. Kelly Pickler was supposed to perform with Gloryanna before Taylor but she ended up getting sick or something so Taylor just made up the difference. It was really an amazing show, worth every dime:) She was so much fun to watch, and the girls sang and danced to the songs. We had such a blast!

To top it off this week has been pretty busy at school, the twins had their 1st grade program and Brooklyn had a County report due on Tuesday. We also had two ice cream parties and one more next week. Wednesday is the last day of school and I am still trying to decide what to do with these children for the next three months. So settle in and forgive me for the numerous amounts of photos:)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Life goes on,

I was thinking that I might actually be excited for this summer, thinking that things might actually slow down and now by the looks of things I'm not sure it's going to do anything but get busier. Oh well! The twins had their 7th birthday and I am still reeling over the fact that they are 7 and even more over that fact that Brooklyn is going to be 10 in a couple weeks aaahhhh!
School is getting close to being out and so things there have been pretty busy. I have been so happy with my girls teachers this year they all are amazing (Halle's teacher is nominated for teacher of the year)! I am so grateful for them all! I have really enjoyed helping at the school this year, the principal is also amazing and they have had so many fun things to do.
They have all started softball and have still been doing gymnastics, which means that our weeknights are full of practice and games and gymnastics. And on top of that Brooklyn decided she wanted to do this 4H thing, so we got her a pig and in the fall she will have to take it to the fair and show it and hope to sell it. Thank goodness for Matt and Shane our friends cuz they have done most of the work.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Sadly I have nothing important to post about Easter other than the day was beautiful and the dresses were adorable:)