Sunday, March 30, 2008

We visited Aunt Megan yesterday and the girls had so much fun at Deiks farm. Megan saddled up the pony and took the girls for a ride(except for Brooks she was still in school). Then they make the rounds checkin on the calfs, pigs, and chickens. Aunt Megan let the girls collect the eggs from the hen house and they thought that was pretty cool.


We have one whole picture from Easter. Because we spent the Saturday before driving home the girls missed out on the egg hunt this year but the Easter Bunny didn't forget them so I think they were ok with that. We did get up and make it to church and the girls were really excited to wear their Easter dresses. And ya know like Christmas we spent some time talking to the girls about why we celebrate Easter and the miracle it is, they seem to get it for the most part. I love Easter for that and the fact that it always seems to me like its the beginning of the warmer weather (although it's snowing today ug!).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We have been blessed with four healthy girls (I know poor dad, but they think he hung the moon). Brooklyn will be 9 in May, the twins, Halle and Shelby, will be 6 in April and Cassidy the baby will be 2 in May. I spend most of my time chasing around my little buddy while the other kids are at school. Brooklyn and the twins just started softball, Brooklyn has played the last three years but this is the first year for Halle and Shelby so this should be fun. They are all doing so well in school I am so proud of them.

We just got back from a week long "vacation" at Disneyland and Sea World. The kids had an absolute blast and mom and dad had some fun too. We hit almost all the rides at Disneyland and California Adventures (We LOVED the tower of terror). Then after four days there we headed down the coast to San Diego. We stopped at Newport Beach on the way down and had a ball, the weather was so nice but the water was still COLD, that didn't stop Brooklyn and dad from putting on their suits and playing a while. We spent the next day at Sea World and had so much fun. Uncle Rob and Daiton got to be part of the dolphin show and that was a neat experience. We were bummed that we didn't have time to go visit Jason's cousin Jeanie but as some consolation Jason did get to meet Jon Beck ( QB now with the Miami Dolphins) and he thought that might have been the best part of the trip:) It was so much fun, but we were glad to get home just in time for Easter. We are so grateful to grandma and grandpa for taking all of us, it was a trip I'm sure we will never forget.