Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh the joys of motherhood. I left my four little angels alone for a total of about 5 minuets the other day while I showered. Imagine my surprise when I came out into the living room and found 3 of my little angels sitting in a trance on the couch watching spongebob and my other little angel looking like this.

Apparently the 3 older girls felt no inclination to stop their little sister from smearing desitin all over her face and hands and clothes, in fact they hadn't even noticed until mom had a fit:)

This however is truly one of the joys of motherhood. We took the girls for a ride on the 4-wheelers Friday night up to Jacob City. I put some tinfoil dinners together and we made a fire and cooked them up there. I love living out here where we can just jump on the 4-wheelers and go. It took us about 45 min to get to the top and then after we ate we came down through Stockton canyon. The girls had so much fun, they kept telling me "thanks mom for our field trip Friday" (something I have tried to do with them through the summer). I find myself appreciating the outdoors so much after we do things like that, I hope my kids will have that same appreciation.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wow has this summer ever taken off. The girls last softball game is this Wednesday, they have had so much fun, it has been so much fun to watch them they really have learned alot. So next is swimming lessons. They have all been doing gymnastics and Brooklyn has piano and a little scrapbooking class she is doing with her friends. I have a horrible memory but I know I wasn't this busy as a kid. I don't mind it though, my girls are very good at getting their jobs done and surprisingly enough usually they don't give me much crap about doing it, I do however get plenty of crap about other things:)

So they finally split our ward. Since 1918 Stockton has had it's own ward and yesterday they changed that. I am pretty excited though I think it will be good especially for the primary that had something like 200 kids. I am very glad that we got to go to girls camp before they did it. We had so much fun. My friend Laura was in charge this year and it was just our ward, so she got us some condo's in Park City and so we took 23 girls and 5 other leaders. We spent one afternoon at the Olympic Park up there and it was alot of fun. I can't believe how good the girls were. I KNOW I wasn't that good when I was their age, but they really were amazing. Some of these girls have the most unbelievable testimony's it's so refreshing, and it gives me hope for my girls.

Father's Day was a success. Jason and his dad got season tickets to the BYU football games and I think they were both very pleased. My dad wanted a gift card for CAL Ranch (easy enough). I know that the older I get the more sentimental I get, but I just have to say how much I appreciate all the fathers in my life. I am SO blessed to have the best dad and the best dad-in-law ever! They are both such amazing men it's almost crazy to think that I was lucky enough to have both of them as a huge part of my life. Of course who could talk about dads and not mention the daddy to my little girls. He is the most amazing man I have ever known, and the most amazing dad any little girl could hope for. I tell Jason all the time that his little girls think he hung the moon and he laughs but it is the truth, sometimes I feel bad for myself cuz I'm pretty sure they prefer him over me, but I am just so happy that he takes such good care of all of us and believe it or not he hardly ever complains