Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes folks this is just a picture of my kitchen faucet. Why you ask? Most of you who saw one of my previous taggs might remember the horribly ugly yellow(started out white) faucet. It is one of those things that has bothered me since we moved in. So when the handle literally came off in my hand, I was more than excited to call my hubby and inform him that it had given up the ghost. So my loving husband, who absolutely HATES plumbing, spent the night hooking up my new faucet. So I guess this post is to thank him and to thank our plumber who put a cheap a%& faucet in our kitchen:0

Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The perfect pumpkin

This is one of the kids' all time favorite fall activities. A few years ago they opened a pumpkin patch out here, and we have had so much fun going every year to pick out our own pumpkins and ride on the tractor trailer. I will have to keep in mind that Monday nights may not be the best night to go, it was really crowded this time, but the weather was good and the kids got their perfect pumpkins!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thank goodness for Spot Shot

And so begins another season of the kids bringing every type of illness home from school. This is just one of the reasons I hate cold weather! There is nothing every mother loves more than to be awaken in the middle of the night by that all to familiar sound of one of her little darlings barfing up their dinner and then running into, not the bathroom, her bedroom, trailing the vomit. Well last night it was both of the twins. And so I was up all night cleaning sheets, carpet, their entire bathroom(again), and the tile in the kitchen:) I hate, hate, hate cleaning up puke, however, I hate more the fact that they are suffering and there is nothing I can do about it. Shelby is now fast asleep at 10:30 and Halle is laying here miserably on the couch. I hope this is the end(at least for this bout). PS I will spare you pictures for this post:)

I had to post this because I thought it was pretty funny. I of course had left Cassidy alone for about 20 min, she had been watching Dora and all was well when I got in the shower. She came in as I was getting dressed and informed me that Elmo was hungry and that she had given him some breakfast. Isn't Elmo so lucky to have someone watching out for him. I don't think he will go hungry:)(Those are cheezits crammed in his mouth)