Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I must give credit where credit is due. The BYU cougar football team has a way a making my husband giddy as a school boy. There is only one other thing I can think of that can make my hubby that happy:) So this time of year can be very critical as it is hunting season as well, and since Jason didn't draw out this year(we won't talk about that), I am depending on the cougs to keep their streak alive and keep my husband smiling. We took Brooklyn to the game on Saturday and she absolutely loved it. It was so funny to see her asking Jason all sorts of questions about the game and how it works. She quickly learned the words to the fight song and was singing and cheering her heart out. So again I say GO COUGS and thank you for a great Saturday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A "bleeping" spider

Ok so there I was this morning at 4:00am sleeping like a baby when I was so rudely awaken by a clicking noise in my ear, ya know the kind you hear when you have water in your ear from a shower or swimming. Only thing was I had done neither for at least 20 hrs when I showered Monday morning. After about an hour of this noise and some weird feelings it stopped and I fell asleep again. I got up and got the girls off to school and not until about 8:30 did I start hearing this noise and feeling this strange feeling. By now I am convinced there is an earwig in my ear laying eggs and I will soon have baby earwigs taking over my brain. Well not quite that bad but bad enough, it was a bleeping spider. Now I am not proud of the fact that I used words other than bleeping, but come on who wouldn't right.I went into the bathroom and squirted the squirt bottle in my ear, shook my head, pulled my earlobe down and out came this little spider ALIVE. I really thought I was going to have a heart attack. I mean seriously how HORRIFYING is that. I thought after the fact that I should have taken a picture of the little freeloader but it was too late. That little bugger met his fate there between that counter top and a wad of toilet paper which I then flushed! Needless to say I don't see me getting over this any time soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6 random facts?

What only six. Most people think everything I do is random:) This tag was easier than the last so I am going to tag Tammy and Sheramy again, and Jenie, Joanne, Nikola, and Sadie:)

1. I have to shower in the morning, even if I have showered the night before, doesn't matter, have to do it.

2. I actually like watching the barbie movies with my girls, and singing along to the cheesy songs:)

3. I am a horrible speller. ( Yup Jen that sign at Costco is totally something I would do) I did however learn to use the spell check a long time ago.

4. I LOVE movie theater popcorn, I can eat an entire tub by myself, no kidding:) (probably not something I should admit).

5. I HATE cold weather! Hate it, Hate it, Hate it.

6. I love to drive, just get in the car and go, we don't always even have to know where, just drive:) (I know not such a good hobby now days).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rocks, grass and dirt!

This is what our yard (and I use that term loosely) consists of. We FINALLY got our grass in this year which I was very excited about. We spent this long weekend gathering rocks yes gathering rocks! We did finish lining the grass and the "sidewalk" and it looks much better than it did before. The down side however is the fact that this is probably only a third of our entire lot. What to do with the remaining acre,????. It's going to take us forever. I told Jason "just think one day when the kids are gone and we are retired we will be able to sit back and enjoy this" right?


Ok so while I was complaining about not having much to do with Cass home all day, after taking these pictures for this tag (thanks Miss), I realized I could apparently spend more time cleaning (although it would have helped to have done this on Tuesday since Mondays are my cleaning days).

Kitchen sink (Brooklyn is responsible for the dishes, not my fault right)?


Laundry Room (also serves as the mud room:)

Bathroom aka my favorite room in the house

Closet aaaahhhhh!!!!

Favorite shoes (comfy and easy on and off:)

Self portrait again aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

What the kids are doing?
Cassidy is waiting for the girls to get home from school.

The other girls are just getting home :)

Dream vacation no doubt England.

PS I tag Sheramy and Tammy