Wednesday, July 30, 2008

summer fun?

Well aunt Sher is catching her plane to head home tomorrow, and we hope we didn't completely poop her out. We wanted to cram as much in as we could while she was here. So first we took her to the zoo (on the hottest day of the year), and had a blast we did get to see alot of the animals and ride the carousel and the train. Then we took her to the dinosaur museum at thanksgiving point. None of us had been there before and we had so much fun. Grandma Carson went with us and the kids had so much fun with her too. We saw the sea monsters 3-d movie and really liked it. So thanks aunt Sher for hanging with us, we miss you when you go home and love ya alot!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

family pics

Always an adventure is the family picture hullabaloo. It has been 6 years, 4 kids, and a divorce since we have had our family picture (on my side) taken. For some reason Jen Lewis agreed to do it for us. It was so fun to see her and Tom and one of their girls, and she did an amazing job especially considering there were 10 kids and my brother Randy who was almost as much work as the kids. So thank you again Jen!!
Here are some of the pics that she took. As a little side note Halle and Shelby do not like to have their pictures taken as I think you can tell.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

12 years!!!

What! I know you are all thinking "she is way to young to have been married for 12 years":), it is however the truth. It is so bizarre to think that for the last 12 years I have been living as Mrs. Shannon Smart and for the most part have been a responsible adult(kind of). I feel unbelievably blessed to be married to this amazing man for so long and hope to have many more years together. I know it's cliche' to say that I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday but it is so true. When I look at where we are and how much we have done together it amazes me. Jason is the best husband anyone could ask for and an even more amazing dad. So Happy Anniversary" to the love of my life! Here's to at least 12 more:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swimming Lessons

At last. Next to the annual Lake Powell trip, I think my kids look forward to swimming lessons more than anything else during the summer. Brooklyn is rockin the level 5. She is the youngest and smallest in her class but she has been working so hard to pass it. Halle and Shelby are in level 2 and doing really good considering there is like 20 kids in their class, the teachers do the best they can but they spend alot of time holding on to the side. Cass is still to young to do the pre-school class so she hangs out with me until the classes are over then Brooklyn takes her out to play. The lessons are over on Thursday, I'm kind of sad cuz to me it's like it's almost the end of summer:(

Monday, July 7, 2008

The best holiday ever!

I say the best holiday because I LOVE the fourth of July! I remember we used to have a BBQ at our house every year when we lived in Lehi and it was the best! My dad would light our fireworks and then we would watch the ones at the ball park which we could see so well from our house. Everyone would come and we had the best time. Sadly we have different traditions now, and even though they pale in comparison, I still pick the 4th of July as my favorite. So this year we did the parade thing again in the morning. This time I ran in the 5k so Jason was solo with the kids until I finished and made my way back up to Main St. So then off to the park for the festivities, not as fun as it has been, but still ok. We had to come home for a nap and lunch then back to town. BBQ and fireworks at grandmas and more fireworks at the deseret peak complex. All and all a success.

We took some time on Saturday to go to the pool for a quick escape from the heat. Mandy and Charlee went with us and we had a blast. The girls played until they were completely exhausted and then home for another nap:)

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