Saturday, May 31, 2008

Girls of Summer

I love softball, funny thing is I never actually played it, I just love to watch my girls play it. Usually it is the summer sport, although this year it seems today was the first game day I sat through where I didn't have to run to the car for an umbrella or blanket. They are so funny to watch. The twins are still in the knee high league where they hit the ball off the T and this is Brooklyns first year in regular pitch. That sure makes for some slow games but the twins comedic performances make up for it. I mostly just enjoy sittin back in my chair soakin up the sun and BS'n with my friends.

Happy Happy Birthday!

I sometimes wonder if I knew what I was thinking when we sort of planned all our kids in the spring. It's a great time of year to have a baby but 4 in a month and a half makes it feel crazy! We celebrated Brooklyns 9th birthday and Cassidys 2nd with the family on Tuesday, Grandma Sherri took Cassidy to build a bear and then Brooklyn had some friends sleepover last night, and today grandma Sherri took Brooklyn to do the build a bear thing. They both were so spoiled and had so much fun. I keep trying to talk them into just staying the same age forever and they just aren't cooperating:)

Whew, I am glad this week is coming to an end. The kids are officially out of school. I am still trying to decide if the not having to get up in the morning makes up for them now being home all day:) Halle and Shelby had their kindergarten program and Shelby got to be a coyote and Halle was a "singer". It was a great program and they got their little diplomas. I just have to say as a little side note, they had such a good teacher and I am so grateful to have those people who teach because they love it and love the kids and not those who are teaching because they have nothing better to do or because they need to be close to kids to get their perverted thrills (we have had both and a teacher with multiple personalities at our school). So I am so appreciative to those good hard working teachers! Anyway. They all did so well this year in school and I do think they might have been a little sad to say good bye to their teachers and friends.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday whinings

Yes I am going to whine, I hate the fact that we get such great weather for a few days and then it's days and days of rain UG! I am so unbelievably ready for summer I can't stand it.
Ok that's the end of the whining for today:) I got up this morning and ran over to the school for Brooklyn's awards assembly. She received and award for getting straight A's every term this year. I am so proud of her she is such a "smart":) cookie ( yes she gets that from her dad:) So after the program she tells me that because of some money she "came into" (thanks Aunt Sher) she is going to take me to the Indiana Jones movie this weekend for my belated mothers day present, although I know she wants to go just as much as I do. Cassidys birthday is Friday and Brooklyns is next friday, so between that and all the end of school activities and then the softball games I feel like we are always busy doing something. I enjoy being busy, yea sometimes I love to just relax but being busy keeps me out of trouble (and by that I mean eating myself into oblivion).
Happy hump day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

I thought I would take the oppertunity this mothers day to publish my thoughts about the woman who raised me and made me who I am ( so you can all blame her:) My mom has been a nurse for as long as I can remember untill recently when she retired, now she just takes care of my dad and all her kids and grandkids, although that job doesn't pay nearly as well, I think she enjoys it more than anything. I have truley come to appreciate my moms compassion and paticence (just don't ask my sister about the broken leg incident she doesn't think moms compassionate:) In all seirousness though, my mom had litleraly take care of me since I was born even until now. No matter how many times I call her to ask her some stupid medical question or cooking question (and alot of the time it's the same question over and over again, I have a horrible memory) she never hangs up on me or tells me to write it down this time, i'm sure she thinks it, she never makes me feel like I'm totally incompetent. I love my mom with all my heart and coudn't even imagine what my life would be like without her. So to my mom I say "happy mothers day", thanks for not killing me all those times when I deserved it, you are the BEST!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Piano woman

Brooklyn had her first piano recital today. She made it through with no mistakes and she was soooo happy about that. She has only been taking lessons for a few months and she was really nervous, then she had to go first and that didn't help the nerves. She did so good and I am so proud of her (and very happy about the fact that I now feel like my $40 a month is paying off:).

Thursday, May 1, 2008