Monday, March 9, 2009

What a weekend!

We had such an amazing weekend and the only strange part was that I spent it with my mom and grandma and Jason spent it with the kids. He has wanted to take the girls to Lehman Caves for a while and I have wanted to go to St. George for a while, so thanks to my very favorite aunt Shawna I took my mom and grandma to St. George and Jason took the kids to the cave. We had so much fun, the weather was nice and we spent a lot of time shopping, eating, and laughing! Jason said the weather was a little cold but the kids behaved themselves and really enjoyed the cave. Maybe next time we can go as a family but we sure had a lot of fun!!

daddy's happiest place on earth

Cabelas; the store with everything every man could possibly ever need. We don't go often partly because it's usually so busy and partly because dad would bankrupt us if we went more frequently. This time however it was not to crowded and we left with only a hat and some licorice? The kids had a bawl checkin out all the fish and different animals. I tell Jason all the time if we ever win the lottery he has first dibs on the shopping spree:)